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Special and General Relativity, Black Holes, Warp Drives, Gravitational Waves, Wormholes as Time Machines, Cosmology, Modified Gravity Theories,Horizons, Casimir Effect, Unruh Radiation and Quantized Inertia, Thermodynamics and Entropy, Information, and Why we do not need Dark Matter.

The structure of spacetime was first formulated by Newton in his study of Classical Mechanics and Gravity. Newton's work was entended to systems with large speeds by Einstein in his theory of Special Relativity. Finally, in a monumental effort, Einstein then completed his theory of spacetime in the development of General Relativity. General Relativity is a theory of the gravitational interaction and its connection to spacetime and is fundamental for the study of Cosmology.

In this class we will discuss Spacetime, special relativity from two viewpoints, spacetime diagrams, relativistic paradoxes, relativistic energy, general relativity via spacetime diagrams, black holes, warp drives, wormholes, time travel and the standard model of cosmology(dark matter and dark energy) including the Cosmic Background Radiation, Modified Gravitation theories, Entropy and Information,Entropic Gravity, Hawking and Unruh Radiation and Quantized Inertia.  We arrive at the conclusion that Dark Matter and Dark Energy as presently formulated is incorrect. No prerequisites.

Each Saturday class is three (3) hours long (2:30-5:30PM); basically 3 regular classes in succession each Saturday. The class will be held for eight (8) Saturday afternoons beginning September 18, 2021 and continuing until November 06, 2021. 

All students must have been vaccinated(2 shots) to participate in this in-person class.  Class seating will be set for social-distancing and students must wear a mask when indoors.

The cost for the class is $100

Class website: http://www.johnboccio.com/courses/SRGR2021/index.html

Instructor: Dr. John Boccio - Contact: boccio@me.com

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