Class Goals:

This class has as its goal an understanding of the so-called quantum measurement problem. We will study enough basic quantum theory(along with basic needed mathematics) so that the class has the appropriate background to understand the questions raised in the quantum measurement discussion and be able to understand the solution for the quantum measurement problem that I will be proposing in the class. This class will enable you too understand all the examples in the attached image.

The class has no prerequisites.

Classes start during week of March 16, 2024

There are eight (8) class sessions, each three (3) hours long. 

Saturdays (In-Person): 2:30pm-5:30pm



SPECIAL NOTE: If you have any medical issues that prevent you from attending an in-person class or if you live outside the Decatur/Atlanta area, please register for the regular class and send me an email. After registration you will be sent a URL for a ZOOM Virtual Class version that will take place on Tuesday evenings 7-10PM. 


The class website (all materials needed for class) is at:
Please tell any friends that might be interested.

Email me at if you have questions.

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