Snakes, lizards, turtles, and others comprise one of the most fascinating groups of vertebrates — the reptiles. There is hardly a group which inspires as much wonder, awe, and fear as this one. This course provides an exploration into reptiles beginning with how they arose on earth, and then discussing what they have been up to since they got here. Global biodiversity will be discussed in detail, exploring the major groups and their relationships to each other. The anatomy and physiology will be explored, as well as the ecological role of reptiles in keeping our environments healthy.

Special emphasis will be placed on reptiles native to the Southeastern US, though the course will be broadly applicable.

This course assumes a basic understanding of Biology and Comparative Anatomy, but are not requirements. All required course materials will be provided.

This class takes place over 8 Saturday afternoons on Zoom; each class is 3 hours long (2:30-5:30); basically 3 regular classes (with breaks) in succession each Saturday. See the course syllabus.

Once registered, contact class instructor, Mark Mandica, via email at for questions or additional information.   Click HERE to learn more about Mark and the Amphibian Foundation.


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