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What a fun event! I was so glad to be a part of it. O’Connor was such an interesting writer and complicated person. I enjoyed hearing the participants’ perspectives on her life and her work.

This was a wonderful event filled with great insight & inspiration!

An awesome lecture! Great job Dr. Koch!!

Great turnout

ASC does a great job covering this topic! Marti is very knowledgeable and presents in a very engaging style.

This "Build Your Own Toolbox" series is amazing!! I attended the first session on time management that was so helpful and wonderful. This session on conflict resolution was just as needed and great! I wish more students should come. These are so great skills needed for after Agnes. One of the leaders called it Adulting After Agnes 201. And this is truly what it is. We went into detail on what we thought and behaviors we wanted to work on and change completely. Overall, a great program!!!

The event was excellent

Absolutely wonderful! I wish more people had attended.

Absolutely wonderful! I wish more people had attended.