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Social media event collaboration between ASC Active Minds and ASC Students for Equitable and Sustainable Cities, executive board members will create social...

4/22 8am
Advantage Award Application Open

The Advantage Award Program is a signature program of Agnes Scott College that provides funding for students who are completing a hands-on learning...

4/22 9am
Verdict in Chauvin Trial- Reflection, Remembrance and Renewal

After several days of what feels like nonstop news stories of shootings and instances of police brutality (specifically within Black and Brown communities),...

4/22 4pm
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Has your faith or spirituality changed during your time at Agnes Scott? Have you deconstructed, converted, or deepened your spiritual convictions and...

4/22 5pm
Bee Aware Week's 1st Annual Spelling Bee!

"Buzz the dust off of those dictionaries and get ready to BUMBLE for the Bee Society’s first annual Spelling Bee, happening on Thursday, April 22nd at 5:3pm!...

4/22 5:30pm

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Erikah Swift

Erikah Swift left a positive review 3/4/2021

It was informative and engaging. I felt motivated to apply after the info session.

Maddy Buisch

Maddy Buisch left a positive review 1/24/2021

I really enjoyed CSI Trivia! I learned a lot of things that I didn't know about religions but also about other things like the state animal of scotland! I had a lot of fun!!

Kaliyah Vereen

Kaliyah Vereen left a positive review 11/11/2020

I really enjoyed this event! I learned a lot about an Indian tradition that I was not aware of which was really nice. I also enjoyed the breakout activities. 100/10 would recommend

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones left a positive review 9/30/2020

Loved the videos!!!

Summer Davis

Summer Davis left a positive review 9/29/2020

I loved this little project, it was so cute and creative.

Isabel Masawi

Isabel Masawi left a positive review 9/28/2020

It was fun!

Valerie Kote-Tawia

Valerie Kote-Tawia left a positive review 7/21/2020

I really enjoyed this talk and walked away with useful information and links to resources. I'm so proud of My Fellow Scottie, Brandy Collins--doing GREAT things!