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Holiday/Founder's Day Planning

internal meeting to discuss holiday and Founder's Day planning

11/12 3pm
Grocery Bingo

Grocery Bingo is a campus favorite! Open to all Scotties, this is a chance to win basic items for your life. Some months have a theme so follow social media...

11/13 6pm
Writers & Scholars Series - Deepka Bhari

Deepika Bahri is Professor of English at Emory University. She specializes in postcolonial and world literature, Frankfurt School critical theory, race,...

11/13 6pm
TDOR - Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil

The Transgender Day of Remembrance, also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, has been observed annually on November 20 as a day to...

11/14 6:30pm
Redefined! Raising Awareness for Disabilities

Each month ACCESS organization through the Office of Accessibility with help spread awareness and celebrate the many abilities in one's disabilities by...

11/15 5pm

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Carolyn Cornelison

Carolyn Cornelison left a positive review 11/4/2019

Great Events, lots of Wizards and Witches making their wands.

Erin Maley

Erin Maley left a positive review 10/15/2019

It was great

Robyn Dunn

Robyn Dunn left a positive review 10/2/2019

Volunteers were friendly, and the treats were delicious!

Melissa Fay Greene

Melissa Fay Greene left a positive review 9/17/2019

Absolutely dynamic, inventive, funny speaker and provocatively interesting poet. Some of my students told me this was their first poetry reading and they were blown away.

Christine Cozzens

Christine Cozzens left a positive review 9/17/2019

Jericho rocked my world, as always. What a great poet, speaker, supporter of writers, friend, etc. I wanted to stand up and applaud more than once during the reading. Watching the expressions on the audience's faces was wonderful--they were laughing, crying, glowing--altogether a fantastic event.

Erin Maley

Erin Maley left a positive review 9/17/2019

It was amazing!

Chiara Logan

Chiara Logan left a positive review 9/11/2019

I really enjoyed the presentation! It was hands-on and informative. I would love to attend again!

Malik Watson

Malik Watson left a positive review 9/11/2019

I couldn't stay for the whole event but it was great. It was very informative and I hope there's another session.

Phoenicia Battle

Phoenicia Battle left a positive review 9/11/2019

Extremely engaging!

Sajada Parker

Sajada Parker left a positive review 9/4/2019

Representatives were friendly and very informative